My list of Pelican books

My early Pelicans

This is a list of the early Pelican books that I have collected over the last 40 years or so.
The list is presented as a complete list of books, with the ones I have in first Pelican edition in blue, the ones I have in Pelican reprint in brown and the ones I still am searching for in purple.

First 200


A 1.       The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Socialism, etc I  : George Bernard Shaw
A 2.       The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Socialism, etc II : George Bernard Shaw
A 3.       Last and First Men: Olaf Stapledon
A 4.       Digging Up the Past: Sir Leonard Woolley
A 5.       A Short History of the World: H.G. Wells
A 6.       Practical Economics: G.D.H. Cole
A 7.       Essays in Popular Science: Julian Huxley
A 8.       The Floating Republic: Dobree and Manwaring
A 9.       A History of the English People I: Elie Halevy
A 10.     The Mysterious Universe: Sir James Jeans
A 11.     The Great Victorians I
A 12.     The Inequality of Man: J.B.S. Haldane
A 13.     Liberty in the Modern State: Harold J. Laski
A 14.     Social Life in the Insect World: J.H. Fabre
A 15.     The Growth in Civilisation: W.J. Perry
A 16.     A History of the English People II: Elie Halevy
A 17.     A Book of English Poetry: ed. G.B. Harrison
A 18.     After the Deluge: Leonard Woolf
A 19.     Medieval People: Eileen Power
A 20.     Vision and Design: Roger Fry


A 21.     An Outline of the Universe I: J.G. Crowther
A 22.     An Outline of the Universe II: J.G. Crowther
A 23.     Religion and the Rise of Capitalism: R.H. Tawney

A 24.     Psychopathology of Everyday Life: Sigmund Freud
A 25.     Only Yesterday I: Frederick Lewis Allen
A 26.     Only Yesterday II: Frederick Lewis Allen
A 27.     Ur of the Chaldees: Sir Leonard Woolley
A 28.     Civilization: Clive Bell
A 29.     Limitations of Science: J.W.N. Sullivan
A 30.     A History of the English People 3: Elie Halevy

A 31.     My Apprenticeship I: Beatrice Webb
A 32.     My Apprenticeship II: Beatrice Webb
A 33.     Totem and Taboo: Sigmund Freud
A 34.     Science and the Modern World: A.N. Whitehead

A 35.     The Great Victorians 2
A 36.     The Common Reader: Virginia Woolf
A 37.     Socialism in Evolution: G.D.H. Cole
A 38.     Art in England: ed. R.S. Lambert
A 39.     The Century's Poetry 1837-1937 I: ed. D. Kilham Roberts
A 40.     The Century's Poetry 1837-1937 II: ed. D. Kilham Roberts


A 41.     We Europeans: Huxley, Haddon & Carr-Saunders
A 42.     The Bases of Modern Science: J.W.N. Sullivan
A 43.     Introducing Shakespeare: G.B. Harrison
A 44.     Thinking to Some Purpose: L. Susan Strebbing
A 45.     The Economics of Inheritance: Josiah Wedgwood
A 46.     The Letters of Gertrude Bell (Part 1)
A 47.     Belief in God: Bishop Gore
A 48.     Lord Shaftesbury: J.L. & Barbara Hammond

A 49.     Mutual Aid: P. Kropotkin
A 50.     A History of the English People (Epilogue: 1895-1905: Book 1): Elie Halevy
A 51.     Essays of a Biologist: Julian Huxley
A 52.     A History of the English People (Epilogue: 1895-1905: Book 2): Elie Halevy
A 53.     Philosophy and Living 1: Olaf Stapledon
A 54.     Philosophy and Living 2: Olaf Stapledon
A 55.     Letters of Gertrude Bell (Part 2)

A 56.     Belief and Action: Viscount Samuel
A 57.     Great English Short Stories: ed. John Hampden
A 58.     The Eighteen Nineties: Holbrook Jackson

A 59.     The Stars in their Courses: Sir James Jeans
A 60.     Working-Class Wives: Margery Spring Rice


A 61.     An Introduction to Modern Architecture: J.M. Richards
A 62.     What is Art?: D.S. MacColl
A 63.     Inventions: H. Stafford Hatfield
A 64.     Great English Short Stories II: ed. John Hampden
A 65.     The Childhood of Animals: Sir Peter Chalmers-Mitchell
A 66.     Town Planning: Thomas Sharp
A 67.     Primitive Art: Leonhard Adam
A 68.     You and Music: Christian Darnton
A 69.     A History of the English People (Epilogue: 1895-1905: Book 3):Elie Halevy
A 70.     The Expanding Universe: Sir Arthur Eddington
A 71.     The Physiology of Sex: Kenneth Walker
A 72.     A Short History of English Literature: B. Ifor Evans

A 73.     Man, Microbe, Malady: Dr. John Drew
A 74.     British Scientists of the Nineteenth Century 1: J.G. Crowther
A 75.     Watching Birds: James Fisher
A 76.     An Anthology of Animal Poetry: Kenneth Mason
A 77.     Forever Freedom: ed. J. Wedgewood & A. Nevins
A 78.     The Personality of Animals: H. Munro Fox
A 79.     The Poets and their Critics: Hugh Sykes Davies
A 80.     Plastics: V.E. Yarsley & E.G. Couzens


A 81.     New Writing in Europe: John Lehmann
A 82.     European Painting and Sculpture: Eric Newton
A 83.     Great English Short Stories II: ed. John Hampden
A 84.     The Scientific Attitude: C.H. Waddington
A 85.     Cine-Biology: Durden, Field & Smith
A 86.     The Chinese: Winifred Galbraith
A 87.     British Scientists of the 19th Century 2: J.G. Crowther
A 88.     Science and Everyday Life: J.B.S Haldane
A 89.     Comparative Religion: A.C. Bouquet
A 90.     Lives of the Great Composers 1: Ed. A.L. Bacharach


A 91.     Lives of the Great Composers 2: Ed. A.L. Bacharach
A 92.     Lives of the Great Composers 3: Ed. A.L. Bacharach
A 93.     The Centuries' Poetry (Pope to Keats): Ed. D. Kilham Roberts
A 94.     English Justice: 'Solicitor'
A 95.     Words and Deeds: H.W. Nevinson

A 96.     An Anthology of Religious Verse: Ed. Norman Nicholson
A 97.     An Anthology of Canadian Poetry: Ed. Ralph Gustafson
A 98.     An Anthology of War Poetry: Ed. Julian Symons
A 99.     A Book of English Essays: Ed. W.E. Williams

A 100.   Explosives: John Read

A 101.   Men of America: Lionel Elvin
A 102.   Human Physiology: Kenneth Walker
A 103.   Adventures of Ideas: A.N. Whitehead
A 104.   Famous American Men of Science 1: J.G. Crowther

A 105.   Famous American Men of Science 2: J.G. Crowther
A 106.   Britain B.C.: S.E. Winbolt

A 107.   Music in England: Eric Blom
A 108.   What Happened in History: V. Gordon Childe
A 109.   An Outline of European Architecture: Nikolaus Pevsner

A 110.   Rutherford of Nelson: Ivor B. Evans


A 111.   Soviet Science: J.G. Crowther
A 112.   The Growth of Science: A.P. Rossiter
A 113.   The Biological Control of Insects: Hugh Nicol
A 114.   A Short History of French Literature: Laurence Bisson
A 115.   Prehistoric Britain: Jacquetta & Christopher Hawkes
A 116.   The Rebirth of Christianity: Stanley Cook

A 117.   Growing Up in New Guinea: Margaret Mead
A 118.   Narrative Poems of the Late 19th Century: Ed. H.A. Treble
A 119.   Beyond the Microscope: Kenneth M. Smith

A 120.   The Ancient World: T.R. Glover
A 121.   Mathematician's Delight: W.W. Sawyer
A 122.   Ballet: Arnold Haskell
A 123.   Minerals in Industry: W.R. James
A 124.   The Weather: G.H. Kimble
A 125.   Metals in the Service of Man: Jacquetta & A. Street & W. Alexander
A 126.   Film: Roger Manwell
A 127.   Coming of Age in Samoa: Margaret Mead
A 128.   Geology in the Service of Man: W.G. Fearnsides & O.M.B. Bulman
A 129.   Democratic Ideals and Reality: Halford J. Mackinder
A 130.   Interglossa: Lancelot Hoghen
A 131.   English Diaries of the 19th Century: Ed. James Aitken
A 132.   The Second Common Reader: Virginia Woolf
A 133.   The ABC of Psychology: C.K. Ogden


A 134.   Britain Under the Romans: S.E. Winbolt
A 135.   Civilization, Science and Religion: A.D. Ritchie
A 136.   An Autobiography: R.G. Collingwood
A 137.   A Survey of Russian Music: M.D. Calvocoressi
A 138.   The American Character: Margaret Mead

A 139.   The Physical Basis of Personality: V.H. Mottram
A 140.   The Managerial Revolution: James Burnham
A 141.   Why Smash Atoms: A.K. Solomon
A 142.   Greek Science: Benjamin Farrington
A 143.   Life in Shakespeare's England: John Dover Wilson

A 144.   An Introduction to the Bible: Stanley Cook
A 145.   Philosophy and the Physicists: Susan Stebbing
A 146.   Persons and Periods: G.D.H. Cole
A 147.   Animal Camouflage: E.M. Stephenson

A 148.   Psychology and World Order: Ranyard West
A 149.   Grow Up - and Live: Eustace Chesser
A 150.   Opera: Edward J. Dent
A 151.   Reading for Profit: Montgomery Belgion
A 152.   Education in England: W. Kenneth Richmond

A 153.   Common Wildflowers: John Hutchinson
A 154.   Microbes by the Millions: Hugh Nicol
A 155.   Plato and his Dialogues: G. Lowes Dickinson
A 156.   British Music of our Time: Ed. A.L. Bacharach
A 157.   The Science of Seeing: I. Mann & A. Pirie
A 158.   Juvenile Delinquency and the Law: A.E. Jones
A 159.   Land of the Soviets: James S. Gregory

A 160.   Climbing in Britain: J.E.Q. Barford


A 161.   Fishlore: A.F. Magri MacMahon
A 162.   Local Government in England and Wales: W. Eric Jackson
A 163.   English Letters of the XVIII Century: Ed. James Aitken
A 164.   English Letters of the XIX Century: Ed. James Aitken

A 165.   The Personality of Man: G.N.M. Tyrrell


A 166.   Glass through the Ages: E. Barrington Haynes
A 167.   William Temple and his Message: Canon A.E. Baker

A 168.   The Pyramids of Eygpt: I.E.S. Edwards
A 169.   John Citizen and the Law: Ronald Rubenstein
A 170.   Science and the Nation
A 171.   The Bleak Age: J.L. & Barbara Hammond
A 172.   A Short History of English Drama: B. Ifor Evans

A 173.   The World's Wealth: W.G. Moore
A 174.   The Population of Britain: Eva M. Hubback
A 175.   Bird Recognition (1): James Fisher


A 176.   Bird Recognition (2): James Fisher
A 177.   Bird Recognition (3): James Fisher

A 178.   The Inventor and his World: H. Stafford Hatfield
A 179.   Genetics: H. Kalmus
A 180.   More Common Wild Flowers: J. Hutchinson
A 181.   Man, the Unknown: Alexis Carrel
A 182.   Russian Art: Tamara Talbot Rice
A 183.   British Herbs: Florence Ranson
A 184.   The Irish: Sean O'Faolain
A 185.   Geology and Scenery in England and Wales: A.E. Trueman


A 186.   Scientist in Russia: Eric Ashby
A 187.   Animals Without Backbones 1: Ralph Buchsbaum
A 188.   Animals Without Backbones 2: Ralph Buchsbaum

A 189.   The Life of Jesus: C.J. Cadoux
A 190.   Early Victorian Novelists: David Cecil
A 191.   Africa Emergent: W.M. MacMillan
A 192.   Greek Science 2: Benjamin Farrington
A 193.   The Size of the Universe: F.J. Hargreaves

A 194.   The Psychology of Sex: Oswald Schwarz
A 195.   Music Ho!: Constant Lambert

A 196.   The Romans: R.H. Barrow
A 197.   England in the 19th Century 1815-1914: David Thomson
A 198.   Before Philosophy: Frankfort, Frankfort, Wilson & Jacobsen
A 199.   The Archaeology of Palestine: W.F. Albright

A 200.   The Aztecs of Mexico: G.C. Vaillant

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